Saturday, 1 February 2014

That was quite a month....

Well here we are the 1st Feb - the first month of 2014 has come and gone; and it's been quite a month!!

First of all the church I serve and lead HBC moved into its new accommodation for it's Sunday Mornimg Gatherings - this building is the Chester City Mission building, so not have we moved buildings we are now gathering in the city centre actually within the City Walls of Chester. We are still using the Hoole Lighthouse Centre to host many of our community projects each week but the move has definitely open up some new horizons  and possibilities for mission across the whole city!!

Secondly, I was involved in the annual Fresh Stream National conference, I have written more about this In a previous blog but a few weeks later I am still convinced that there is a role and place within the wider baptist context for a network with a strong emphasis on "Word & Spirit" and a commitment to be missional.

Thirdly, I celebrated 20 years as the minister/leader of HBC; January 1994 at the tender of age of 28 I  became the Pastor of this little baptist church situated on the corner of a street of terrace housing. I certainly had no intention or idea that I would still be here in 2014. God has been so good through the ups and downs, and after 20 years there have been both!!! From a group of 50 adults and kids we are a congregation of over 200 adults  and kids plus we are in partnership with another congregation across the city - it's been quite an adventure and now we enter a new chapter!!!

Then fourthly and finally, it was my 48th birthday. As I draw near to my 5th decade(!) I feel,by the grace of God, this I am I ready to move into this new phase of life and ministry. Sue and I are working close together in leadership & ministry; I feel like we have a plan to develop disciples across the congregation and a renewed vision: Bringing healing, wholeness and freedom to broken lives & communities as we expect great things from God and attempt great things with God. 

I trust that with God the best is still to come and that the people who are HBC really do begin to reach their potential and together we see the Kingdom of God break out in new and powerful ways across our city and region. 

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