Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Faith for your City

We now have had our first 2 Sunday Morning Celebrations for HBC in the City Mission building which is within the City Walls of Chester city. On the first Sunday we lit a candle as a symbolic act and this remained lit all morning, (& was lit again for this Sunday). We wanted to declare the truth that we are the "light of the world" and this light is to shine into the darkness of Chester. 

Today I am sat in Starbucks again in the city centre, this morning I have prayer walked the City Walls  and have been reflecting on the sense of significance there is about our relocation for our Sunday gatherings in the city centre of Chester. 

Being together and expressing our sung worship in this new location certainly does add a new sense of perspective as we declare in song " you're the God of this City..."; being in a different building has helped people within the congregation to see how we can express church differently; being in the city centre and not in Hoole has opened up the possibilities of what and how do we do mission as a local congregation.

It's very early days, it's a new adventure for us, one that I hope will prove a catalyst for seeing the "greater things are still to come, greater things are still to be done in the city"  I believe that God has amazing plans and purposes for Chester, I believe that his primary vehicle to accomplish these plans  and purposes is His Church, His people and I belive that HBC as one of the congregations of His church in this city does have a key part to play.

This week I have started the reading plan in the You Version bible app created by Jesus Culture called Faith for your City.  
This is the short description about the reading plan:
Hope is alive! God is raising up a generation of revivalists who are praying for a great move of the Holy Spirit to radically transform their cities. The Scriptures support this hope that God wants to impact entire cities with His powerful love. God wants cities and nations to be saturated in His presence, and we invite you to join us as we encounter what the Bible has to say about city transformation.
For the next 21 days I will be on this journey!!!

Lord lead us in these coming days, weeks and months of 2014 by your Holy Spirit. Open our eyes so we can see Jesus, open our ears and enable us to listen, empower our lives so we can obey you so that your Kingdom is advanced and established here on earth, here in Chester as it is in heaven. Amen 

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