Friday, 9 September 2011

Try Praying

A survey by Tearfund UK revealed that 20 million adults in the UK pray. 13 million pray at least once a month and 9 million every day. One in three people believe God will answer their prayers. The morning of a job interview; the night when a family member was sick; the five minutes before an exam; most people have prayed in moments of desperation. Was someone listening? Was the prayer answered? People find praying helps and have had answers. Praying isn’t just for the religious. As we can see most people admit to praying at some time in their life even if they have given up on it later. Jesus prayed. He seemed to have access to God like no one else. He was always doing miracles and teaching about life. But he also spent much time in prayer and taught about it. What did he say? He said that faith was a crucial ingredient. He always responded to faith. On one occasion he said, ‘Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.’ Prayer is not simply about the words we say it’s about what we are thinking on the inside.

Even with a full life we can feel empty inside. Yet some people face health scares, get stressed about money or worry about relationships. Others suffer from depression. Whatever it is, you know you could do with some help. God is good and often meets us when we reach out to him. You don’t have to have a problem to pray. Many people simply want to know if there is something that can make sense of life. You are open minded and willing to check things out. Pray for seven days and discover the adventure of a lifetime: getting to know God! This week could open your mind to new possibilities. This week you could find the help that’s been missing. TRY PRAYING Prayer is conversation with God. You don’t need to use special words or a special voice. You can pray out loud or silently. God knows what you think and is familiar with all you do. You can talk to him about anything.

Use your own words, or you could say this: ‘God, if you are there – and I am not sure you are – but if you are, I want to know you. I don’t want to kid myself about it; I really want to know you. So as I pray this week please make yourself known to me.’ TRY PRAYING for the next 7 days. So what to do and do you get started; Find a time and a place that will suit you. Read the first 13 verses of chapter 11 of Luke’s gospel from the bible one day at a time. Try to keep going for a week, but don’t feel guilty if you miss a day. What else? Do you have a ‘big issue?’ This is something that you really want God to do something about. Pray about this each day and see what happens. Is there someone you’re concerned about? Why not pray for them – or with them – during this week? Let me know how you get on by connecting with me here at my blog or on Facebook or Twitter.

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