Monday, 26 September 2011

Forgive and Forget...

Over the past few weeks we will have been remembering 2 events that have both acquired iconic status in the western world. The first happened 14 years ago and was the death of Princess Diana, on the 31 August the UK was stunned by the news of her death in Paris and the second which took place 10 years ago when operatives of Al Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and used them as weapons to attack the World Trade Centre and other targets in the United States, an event known simply as “9/11” since the date of the attacks was 11 September 2001.

There are certain events and moments in our personal lives and sometimes in the corporate life of a community or nation that we remember vividly because they impact our lives deeply. Personally, the day we get married, the birth of our first child or the death of a close friend or relative are all such moments.

Memories and the ability to remember for us all can be a powerful experience for us all, we all like to look back on a happy occasion but memories can also be deeply painful and even though “time can be a healer” our emotions can still be ignited by the surge of a memory, even of an event that happened many years ago. Being forgetful is not a positive attribute usually, but for all of us there are times when we all would wish we were able to forget completely some the memories of incidents and events of life.

The Bible say that God not only forgives our sins but he also forgets – by knowing that the wrong we have done and the wrongs done to us can be forgiven and forgotten by God can give us tremendous strength to release forgiveness to others and through this see the pain and trauma healed, so even though we can’t forget we can move on to embrace the new events of today that will be come the memories of tomorrow.

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