Friday, 29 July 2011

Watch out for the roots

Recently I hadn’t cut my grass for nearly 3 weeks and as you can imagine the lawn was looking very untidy, the grass was long, the weeds were thriving and the borders were messy. My excuse was that each time I set time to do it, it was raining or it had rained in the previous 24 hours! I don’t really enjoy cutting grass no sooner I have done it than it starts growing again and I have to be ready to cut it. Growth is a natural apart of life in the garden, I know if something is dying or is dead because it stops growing. I recently had to dig up a shrub that had been unable to grow since it was planted last year, it never seemed to take to the soil and it’s roots never established so it didn’t grow.

Roots are the hidden dimensions of growth in the garden, without a good roots system the plant or tree will never flourish or grow. This is the same in life, we should all be growing as people but we need to be planted well.

The bible says Christians are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season without fail, because the hidden root system is continually drawing up water to feed the tree. The hidden inner life is often ignored, that part of us that is spiritual, that part of us which defines our character, we mustn’t neglect this or forget to feed the root system of our lives. For me prayer and stillness in my relationship with God strengthens this aspect of my life. God is the water in the river that feeds me and enables me to grow and to bear fruit in my character and spirit. I have to keep near to him or I will wither and die.

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