Friday, 1 July 2011

Look out for the roots...

I don’t know if you read recently this story concerning a man living in China who suffered from epilepsy for more than two decades, who has had a bullet removed from his head. Doctors were amazed shortly after scanning Wang Tianqing's head when they found a 23 year-old rusted bullet embedded in his skull. The farmer helped the health experts piece the story together by recalling how he had been knocked unconscious in 1988 on his way home in Zhangjiakouin city.

He said: "I thought I'd been hit by a slingshot. I saw a man standing on a hill and thought he'd hit me." Mr Tianging woke up in hospital where he was given anti-inflammatory drugs before being sent home by the doctors. Shortly after his discharge he began to experience epileptic seizures which became more severe over the next two decades. The bullet was spotted on a CAT scan during a typical hospital visit for medicine. Wang Zhiming, an attending surgeon from Neurosurgical Oncology department, said that the survival rate for being shot in the head would usually be one out of several thousand, but the bullet missed his brain's main veins.
If your problem has roots then it is evident that it began with a seed. While you are waiting to deal with the seed, maybe in the meanwhile you are watering it with your continual thoughts, words and actions. Begin by identifying the seed. What is the source of your problem? And then destroy the seed that has been sown. The problem is that every time an issue takes root, it looks so small that you want to take the small risk believing that the consequence will be little. But what you then ignore is that seed which grows and so does the consequences.

Interestingly, the Bible says, “Do not let your anger set in, before night” Why? Because, it is in that night that the seed germinates and in that time of silence, is when the roots go deeper. And the more the roots grow deeper, the harder it becomes to deal with the issue.

It was only when the doctors dealt with the bullet in Wang Tianqing's head that the epileptic seizures stopped, so for you and me it will only be when we deal with the “seed” in our lives that we will begin to deal with issues that can affect us emotional and spiritually. For me one thing I do is to take some time on a regular basis where I reflect on some of the things I do and the relationships I have and I ask God to cleanse me and help me to make sure I am dealing with the stuff on the inside of my life, than after this I surrender every area of your life into his hands. I believe if you are ready to deal with the source and begin to flee from it then the power of God will be your strength.

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